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The Arab Business Club is the platform where ideas meet investment and all cultural, social and lingual barriers are eliminated in order to pave the way for business to flourish between the Arab business community and the rest of the world, our social network and online platform for business owners, top management, and entrepreneur use our Services to find and be found for business opportunities, to connect with others and find information. Our Privacy Policy applies to any Member or Visitor to our Services.


  • We value your privacy that why all our data we collect from using our platform, is not for sale.
  • Any information that you post, share, make available for general public or patriciate for public domain, is not considered private.
  • Attending our events, mean you agree for Arab Business Club to publish your photos / videos among those taken during our event or seminars and workshops.
  • Using our platform mean you agree to us contacting you using our email newsletter, postal service, or any means in regards to any services you participate in.
  • Our privacy terms and condition can be changed at anytime
  • Last Updated: April 12, 2020