Hamdan Almurshidi
by on May 7, 2020

We have seen many government agencies to support Entrepreneurship and SME,s in the developing countries, but we still see there is huge percentage of people don’t have the chance to get the support needed to move to the next step in making better life for them, their family and their communities.

Therefore, we decided to give a hand for entrepreneurs and startups by launching a crowdfunding platform that will help both sides, the people who have money and looking to invest, and people who have skills and need the money.

Our soon to be launched platform will be launched soon and will be supported by Arab Business Club and it will be separate identity so if it happens that you are an entrepreneur or someone who want to support them and make some money our platform will be the right place for you.

Im looking forward to hear your thoughts and suggestions

Hamdan Mohamed Almurshidi

President and Chairman of the Board
Arab Busines Club


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Norma Zainy
Good idea can promote livelihood at the same time....
Like May 8, 2020
Sameer Salgar
Seems like excellent opportunity to introduce new business
Like May 9, 2020