Invitation to Participate at November 02 - 05 2021, Rotterdam » Arab Business Club نادي الأعمال العربي

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Greeting from Miklos Gergely in Doha.

First and above all, it is true pleasure being connected as a new member of this Group of respected professionals.

Whilst I was living in the Netherlands in 2018, thanking to my time-honoured top-notch relationships with the country, the Ministry of Foreign
Trade and Commerce of the Netherlands invited me to provide my personal support for the successful accomplishment of events organised to promote activities of Dutch companies in GCC member countries as well as welcome companies visiting the Netherlands from the Gulf countries interested in opening direct relationships in the Netherlands. I was promoting and supporting the opening, building and strengthening of bilateral relationships between various business entities and organisations of the Netherlands and the Gulf countries – in various fields, including but not limited to, commerce, maritime activities, exchange of experts, and post-graduate education (also in the field of on-shore/off-shore/near-shore maritime activities).

Now, as the Dutch organiser's partner in the Gulf region, it is my task to find contact companies -- port operators, shipping lines, logistics and other maritime specialists in Dubai / UAE -- who are interested in participating at

The event will be held 2-5 November, 2021 in Rotterdam.

Please, find the attached Brochure my Dutch organiser has sent to me so that it can be shared with competent members of your companies' management for information and consideration.

We would highly appreciate if you could direct us to the right people who might be interested and could eventually be contacted by the Organiser in the Netherlands, for further details.

We look forward to receiving your kind responses.

Best regards,

Miklos Gergely
Global and Middle East Business Development Expert

Mobile + Whatsapp: +974-55096392

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